Member Spotlight: Jill Robbins and Terry Scott from Perfect Match Boutique

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Life-altering events oftentimes spark the entrepreneurial mindset and lead to the opening of new businesses—especially in women’s health care. Sometimes, even a higher power plays a role.

During an evangelism conference, Terry Scott, who helped organize the conference, found her calling. Terry was going through some personal challenges and met Lynne King, who was in the process of selling her boutique, The Perfect Match.  

“I was going through a tough time in my life,” said Terry. “After sharing my story with Lynne, she mentioned her business was for sale, and when I found out that it provided services to help women, I knew it was God talking.”

Terry reached out to her friend and co-organizer of the conference, Jill Robbins, and told her, “I found our next adventure and no pun intended; we would be The Perfect Match.”

The rest is history. Now celebrating two years of ownership, Terry and Jill have used their business experience, coupled with their marketing prowess, to build a strong network of referral sources. They stated that community outreach and building relationships with doctors are keys to their efforts to draw new business to their store.

“Meeting with the local breast surgeons and their teams to explain the services we provide is essential in getting the word out about our services,” said Jill. “Giving them our brochures which they place in each patient's packet and inviting the doctors to come visit our facility personally are all critical steps to build the relationship with doctors and physical therapists in our area.”

Going above and beyond to connect with referral sources has proved to generate an influx of referrals, but word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers has also been a driving force in generating new business. Perfect Match Boutique, located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, received the Vanderbelt Credo Award for helping women lead fuller lives after breast surgery.

When asked what it takes to be successful in the boutique business, Terry stated, “Compassion. Always put the client first. Treat them as if they were your mother, daughter, or sister. They should feel when they walk in the door that they are special, and we are here to help them through this journey.”

Developing relationships with customers and referral sources is crucial; however, the team at Perfect Match also suggests other tactics to attract new business to your store.

  1. Be seen as a thought leader by contributing articles to local women’s publications.
  2. Offer to speak at cancer support groups and participate in health care fairs.
  3. Get in network with many different insurances.
  4. Advocate on behalf of your clients and women’s health care. Always.

Although they are self-driven and dedicated to serve the women’s health care industry, the duo does occasionally find inspiration in their own version of a quote by Madeline Albright, who said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don't help women.” 

“We like to turn it around and say, there is a special place in Heaven for those who do,” Jill stated.  “Helping others is not only what we are called to do, but it is the right thing to do and makes you feel happy.”

Having faith, compassion, and a drive to build relationships with customers and referral sources, Jill and Terry have proved to be the perfect match to build their business for future growth and success.  

“You truly have to love your job to be in this industry,” concluded Terry. “Fortunately, we both do.”

To connect with our friends at Perfect Match Boutique, email Jill at [email protected]  or Terry at [email protected].