More Comfortable CPAP Masks for All Ages Available From Circadiance

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SleepWeaver skin-friendly CPAP masks from Circadiance are made entirely of cloth and are a more comfortable alternative to traditional gel or silicone CPAP masks. They are made of the same cloth used in ski apparel and are designed to fit all sizes of faces.

SleepWeaver skin-friendly CPAP masks are designed to be gentle on the skin and help alleviate the sores and skin irritation caused by the traditional hard plastic masks. The “balloon” action that the cloth creates means that the mask cushion itself only needs to make a small amount of contact with the face to keep therapy air sealed while other masks require a tight fit. Circadiance has made a commitment to offering a cloth-mask solution to PAP users of all age groups and sizes.

This has proved especially helpful in hospital settings where most traditional CPAP masks are simply too large or bulky for small patients. In a 2015 article in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing, a representative of Texas Children’s Hospital wrote about how masks like the SleepWeaver cloth masks helped prevent PAP-related ulcers from forming during pediatric treatment.

With this in mind, Circadiance has created the Advance family of masks to help users of almost any age. For pediatric users ages two through seven, they have the SleepWeaver Advance Pediatric nasal mask. For those who are over 66 pounds with smaller facial features, Circadiance offers the SleepWeaver Advance Small nasal mask. Then for the adult users who prefer a gentler seal with less irritation, they have the regular SleepWeaver Advance available in multiple colors.

In addition to the SleepWeaver Advance product line, Circadiance also offers two other nasal mask products:

  1. The SleepWeaver Élan nasal mask offers a PAP mask designed with a completely open forehead-style headgear. It comes in a unique starter kit that includes all three sizes, or it can be sold individually in single size options small/regular and large.
  2. The SleepWeaver 3D nasal mask also offers a completely open forehead design while introducing new and unique headgear that does not lie on the base of the neck, allowing for more neck comfort. This innovative nasal mask comes in two sizes of headgear, regular and large, and one size mask only.

Circadiance also proudly offers the only cloth, full-face mask on the market – the SleepWeaver ANEW full-face, skin-friendly mask. This great mask comes in three sizes: small, regular and large.

The ANEW full-face mask has a unique two-chamber design, which provides a higher reimbursement code of A7027 as a hybrid mask.

Take a look at the SleepWeaver skin-friendly CPAP masks

And if you place an order for any of the SleepWeaver skin-friendly masks after viewing this article, you use the code VENDOR CONNECT for 10% off your entire order. To place an order, email Circadiance at [email protected] or call us at 888-825-9640.