New AHIA Vendor Opportunities at Heartland Conference 2017

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Jim Greatorex, vice president of AHIA, and Mark Richmann, CEAC, will introduce what new partners Live Well, PromenAid, and Shark Tank winner Fire Avert bring for opportunity to VGM/AHIA members during a presentation at VGM’s Heartland Conference on Wednesday, June 14.

They will also update a great new program offered by Home Advisor along with other little-known, valuable vendor benefits. Be in the know and attend this session. If you have not yet registered for Heartland Conference, click here to do so.

About Jim Greatorex

Jim Greatorex is vice president of AHIA and just completed his 36th year in the HME industry. In 1988, he started Black Bear Medical, which grew to include three stores and 37 employees in Maine and New Hampshire until sold two years ago. Jim was selected by his peers in New England to be the president of NEMED (New England Medical Equipment Dealers), serving in that role until June 2007. He has been very active in lobbying in Washington for the industry. He has over 20 years of HME retail experience and speaks all over the country sharing HME retail successes. Jim joined VGM in 2015 and worked with the VGM Retail team until being promoted to lead AHIA.

About Mark Richmann

Mark Richmann, CEAC, oversees the Home and Vehicle Modification program for VGM HOMELINK and is the owner of Marrich Construction and Design. He was a general contractor and has more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry. He transitioned a construction company he owned early in life into a real estate holding and consulting firm and was able to work with several large volume production builders. Mark became well versed in building codes and ADA guidelines. He is a member of the Bremer County (Iowa) Building and Zoning Board of Appeals and the Denver, Iowa, City Council. Mark received his CEAC certification in 2010 and has worked on numerous accessibility projects over the course of his career. He joined VGM HOMELINK in 2014 as a network developer.