Now Serving Sleepy Drivers and Engineers - Your Skills are Needed for National Sleep Services

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nss-articleEvery couple of months it happens again. Major semi crashes or train derailments are caused by sleepy drivers and engineers. The reports are scary, but as most sleep specialists know, the incidents of fatigue and drowsiness caused by obstructive sleep apnea are widespread and a real concern on the roads and rails. National Sleep Services, a division of the VGM Group, Inc., is working to combat these safety concerns. They’ve developed a nationwide fatigue management safety program for transportation workers with the goal of decreasing fatigue-related accidents and fatalities. NSS offers transportation companies screening, diagnosis and treatment of their employees, regardless of where they live or need to be tested. Currently contracted with two major national trucking companies as well as a handful of smaller ones, NSS is seeking VGM Members to join its preferred provider network. This is a network of HME providers in strategic locations throughout the country who are available to conduct home sleep studies and CPAP setup for drivers, no matter where they may be. The following are the basic program details: • Preferred providers set up a home sleep study using diagnostic equipment provided by NSS. • Results are uploaded to a secure website. • If the driver is diagnosed with OSA, the VGM Member will use a Philips 560 Autotitrating CPAP, humidifier, tubing from their inventory and the therapist will select an appropriate mask. NSS is currently growing its trucking company customer base and seeks to expand to rail in the future, creating even more opportunities for VGM Members to offer a specialized service that aids sleepy drivers and improves safety on the roads. If you are interested in becoming a preferred provider, National Sleep Services is hosting two webinars to provide more information. Or if you have questions, please contact Nikki Jensen at 877-845-7952 or [email protected]