Nurturing Connections with Educational Print Marketing

Posted on in Growth Strategies

By: Mary Avenanti, VGM Marketing

I read recently that the age of “connection,” or relationship marketing, is only in its infancy. We are just getting started with possibly the most authentic, personal and potential-laden way of promoting ourselves and our services. Social media is making it easier than ever for people of all ages and abilities to connect with the “right tribe.” The most successful long-term marketing plans include sharing a message of inclusivity that leaves the customer feeling they belong.

When we feel connected we know that others care about us, we know we belong and we are not alone. What kind of personal connections are happening between your HME business and your community? Facebook, Twitter and other online social networking can be effective marketing formats. But, when it comes to personal interaction, when customers walk into your store, when your sales people go to speak with referral sources and when your delivery drivers deliver that wheelchair or lift chair to Mrs. Smith, what tools are available to fan the connective flame that’s been lit?

VGM’s Off the Shelf Marketing Program offers educational print pieces that warmly invite consumers and referral sources into the world of home care products, sleep, complex rehab, home accessibility and more. The pieces are warmly written, colorfully designed, professional presentations useful with consumers with varying needs and case managers, discharge planners and referral sources from a variety of disciplines.

As an example, the OTS suite of sleep products offers proactive materials to help members first connect with potential customers and then nurture that connection throughout the process of diagnosis, obtaining and using PAP equipment, encouraging compliance and becoming a re-supply partner.

  • Leave the “Do you Snore?” trifold in clinician’s offices.
  • Use the Sleep Guide to educate patients about the dangers of OSA, what to expect while using PAP devices and masks, and the importance of compliance.
  • Hang the educational posters in patient resource rooms.
  • Use the new Medicare Quick Reference Guide for Sleep Diagnoses brochure to encourage physicians to follow through with completed and necessary documentation,
  • Use our re-supply inserts to share vital equipment-related policy information and to upsell other related products.

OTS Marketing pieces are designed to help members reach out and connect with their communities and the individuals and referral sources therein. Nurture key relationships with these compelling and innovative marketing tools. Connect with current specials here.

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