OrthoSleeve by ING Source, Inc. Supports VGM Members!

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The OrthoSleeve Brand of bracing and supports offer a very unique design. This broad range of patented, OrthoSleeve-branded products creates a new and exciting approach to this age-old category. Compression Zone Technology, which utilizes medical hosiery manufacturing for bracing, results in the world’s thinnest and most comfortable braces and supports.

The key to success with this break-through brand is building a relationship with the provider in an effort to better communicate the messaging.

What makes OrthoSleeve by ING Source, Inc. different?

OrthoSleeve advantages to patients not found in any other brand of supports:

  • Ultra-soft, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Thin and discreet
  • Easy to do, easy to wear with ease of care
  • Medical-grade pain relief
  • Freedom of movement

OrthoSleeve advantages to retail/provider partners not found in any other brand of supports:

  • FDA-registered but easy to sell cash items
  • Very small packaging for maximum space profitability
  • Free merchandising aids that assist with explaining the technology and demonstrate the look and feel
  • Unparalleled customer support and product warranties
  • Medical professional referral and prescription materials
  • Complete range of orthopedic products
  • Specialized products for often-seen chronic conditions (plantar fasciitis, edema, patella and kneed pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, joint arthritis)

Supported by OrthoSleeve

ING Source, Inc. customer support is prepared to share marketing tools and merchandising aids to help VGM members communicate OrthoSleeve’s special story in relation to the member’s store brand.

ING Source understands what patients/consumers need and want without using pure marketing gimmicks like copper, magnets, or celebrities! Rather, OrthoSleeve focuses on medical retail partnerships like VGM members. In this way, we know patients are getting true efficacious products from partners who see patient care as the #1 priority.

ING Source, creator of OrthoSleeve, as a family-owned, three-generation company, also understands the needs of independent retail and patient care providers. The three-way partnership of VGM, OrthoSleeve, and member partners creates a strong business opportunity with purpose!

OrthoSleeve Specials for VGM Members

ING Source is offering FREE samples AND a 5% discount for VGM members. Click here for the details.

To view a series of videos featuring ING Source founder and CEO Dave Higgins with messages especially for VGM members, click here.

If you have any questions about OrthoSleeve products and services, please contact Sabina Hardy at 828-855-0481 or [email protected].