Promotional gifts that leave a lasting impression

Posted on in Growth Strategies

‘Tis the season when businesses start weighing options as to what holiday gifts will be bestowed upon their loyal clients, colleagues and staff.

Jennifer Heller, division manager of VGM Corporate Specialties, shares what VGM members should consider when selecting promotional items and corporate apparel gifts on a budget. 

Q: What are the most popular promotional gifts given during the holidays?
A: Edible gifts are by far the most popular at this time.  Whether you’re looking for salty, sweet or a combination of the two, there are varying sizes and pricing options out there. 

Others include anything to stay warm or stay connected with tech-related items.  Bluetooth speakers and mobile power banks are always great gifts that clients can use on the go which increases the exposure of your company. 

With the change in weather, stainless steel travel mugs are also a hot seller.   Some clients add a personal touch by packing the mugs with cards, hot cocoa or instant soup mix.  Corporate apparel such as soft shell, fleece and waterproof jackets are popular as employee appreciation gifts. 

Q: How can gifting edibles leave a lasting impression?
A: Giving edible gifts is a great way to show appreciation, but after the last piece of smoked turkey is consumed it can all be forgotten.  I suggest ordering edible gifts that include a promotional item.  Specifically, if you are sending a gift basket with meat and/or cheese, order a grouping that includes a mini cutting board with your company logo branded on the surface.  The cutting board will be used long after the last piece of cheese has been sliced. 

Q: Time is money.  What is the most efficient and cost-effective way for providers to deliver their holiday cheer?
A: There are a lot of details to consider when purchasing client and staff gifts for the holidays.  Not to mention you have a business to run.  We help make gift giving simple but keep it personal too.  I recommend signing cards and sending them to have them inserted prior to us drop shipping directly to your client mailing list.  By send tracking, our clients know when the delivery is made, which creates a great opportunity for a follow up phone call or visit.    

Q: Looking ahead to 2016, what can providers do in preparation for their promotional opportunities?
A: First recognize that if they aren’t planning promotional opportunities, or wearing appropriate logoed apparel, they need to start.  Promotional products and apparel make a huge and lasting impact.

Businesses planning for growth are buying and using promotional products and corporate apparel to make an impact.  But they also need staple promotional items ready to go to promote themselves at community events, during marketing visits to referral sources, and to hand out to your happy clients who are your best sales people. 

Q: What is the typical turnaround time for holiday orders?
A: This time of year is busy for retailers and the same is true for promotional product suppliers.  Turnaround time is typically 7 – 10 business days, but to ensure that orders are processed and delivered on-time, I recommend placing orders no later than Dec. 10.  

What does this mean to you?

VGM Members receive exclusive member pricing on promotional products, uniforms and corporate apparel ordered through VGM Corporate Specialties.  The savings can be significant, and are just another tangible benefit of belonging to the VGM Group, Inc.  Branded gifts with a company logo make a powerful impression upon delivery that will stay with the recipient long after the holidays.