Reducing Re-Admissions with Encore Healthcare’s Nexus Platform

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The term “encore” comes from French, meaning “still” or “again” and is used as a call for a repeat performance. But, when it comes to respiratory patients’ re-admissions, Encore Healthcare (Encore) is thinking up ways to actually reduce these repeat performances.

Enter Nexus Home Silver, Encore’s cloud-based, respiratory management software. It’s not a new concept, but it’s certainly a new take. While similar systems create a more generalized plan of care to apply to many patients, Nexus Home Silver’s plans of care are completely individual.

Dave Lyman, registered respiratory therapist and recently named vice president of Nationwide Respiratory, a division of VGM Group, Inc., is impressed with how the system creates a common language for talking to patients.

“When the provider puts in their patient, it guides them,” said Lyman. “So, it really gives that consistency for the clinician and the patient.”

That consistency translates to better care for the patient and better compliance with treatment.

The system is just getting started, but the results Encore’s president and chief executive officer, Zach Gantt, and chief strategy officer, Dan Easley, have seen thus far are astounding.

“From their previous organizations using this type of system,” said Lyman, “they saw on average a 70 percent reduction in hospital re-admissions.”

The Nexus Home Silver platform makes it easy, too. While it’s an independent system, it syncs with an EMR or a billing system, or you can upload a .csv file with patient information on a weekly or daily basis. And, you can access the system anywhere using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Encore has big plans for the Nexus platform. Though the focus is on the COPD population right now, the system is built for multiple disease states, giving a host of providers the ability to assess and educate individual patients, intervene when needed, and document outcomes.

To learn more about Encore’s Nexus platform and sign up for a one-on-one webinar to see it for yourself, click here.