Retail Science: A Snapshot of Our 2016 HME Business Playbook

Posted on in Growth Strategies, Diversify

Today’s HME market is flooded with competition. We’re being squeezed into a changing industry with some very big players. Being the underdogs in this evolving market, how do we stand out in the crowd and provide our customers with something the big players can’t match?

Retail science! Retail science does not have to be complicated. In our case, it is as easy as combining the six fundamental elements of retail so that they work together holistically to help you build and maintain a successful retail business.

  • Business analysis
  • Financial projection
  • Marketing
  • Store experience and design
  • Products
  • Operations

Achieving these retail core competencies creates the showroom experience that customers seek in today’s health care environment. Customers are ready to spend money on a number of caretailing items that will increase your revenue, including high-quality products, holistic and all natural products, comfort items, accessories, athletic performance products, safety products and more.

Have you positioned your company to provide for these demands? Many HME companies have showrooms that have underperformed due to lack of a true retail program being implemented. Resources are now in place that can assist all providers in building diversified cash flow in this underserved, entrepreneurial caretailing opportunity.

Don’t stop here, download the 2016 HME Business Playbook for a deeper look into retail science, outcomes measurement and more!