Retail Science Roadshows are Back in Swing for 2016!

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The VGM Retail team is excited to announce that our VGM Retail Science Roadshow events are back for 2016! The Roadshows are one-day, hands-on, interactive educational events led by three of the industry’s most seasoned experts in health care retail. The sessions will provide you with practical tips, techniques and strategies for how to grow your business with retail. You will also learn directly from the vendors about the latest and greatest retail products that will help to skyrocket your business to success.

Last year we hosted six hugely successful roadshow events across the country, and we can’t wait for what’s in store this year! Here are our first three Retail Science Roadshow events for 2016:

Philadelphia, PA – March 15, 2016
Omaha, NE – April 13, 2016 (in conjunction with MAMES)
Baltimore, MD – May 17, 2016
More locations to come – we welcome your suggestions!


• Retail by the Numbers: Financials A-Z
What financial performance should you expect from a “successful” HME retail store? What are the components that make it successful? And, how can you measure success in order to maintain it? This session will walk you through the A-Z of retail financials, providing you with practical tips and strategies for implementation.

• In-store Operations: Run a Tight Retail Ship and Deliver Experiences
Learn the best practices for consistently providing a positive experience for your customers. We reveal the key behaviors managers and customer service staff need to practice in order to transform your store into an evolved “caretailing” operation, as well as the necessary metrics and benchmarks to measure success.

• The Newest and Best Products for Retail Success (including product exhibit time)
Discover how you can be the leader in your market with proven retail brands and product lines that will make you stand out from the crowd. Touch and feel these products, and speak with vendor representatives on-site. Receive practical tips for selling these hot new items to end users. You will also learn about innovative, up-and-coming retail vendors and the latest and greatest trend and impulse products to boost your retail revenue.

• Marketing: Getting the Second Order
How do we reach our new retail customer base? After learning about the best new retail products for success, now it’s time to make the inventory move! Learn practical strategies and techniques for increasing consumer traffic to your store.

• Merchandising 101: Tips, Tricks, Do’s and Don’ts
The era of the “new HME” is here! Learn how to deliver on the expectations of our new customer base, and create the in-store experience they desire with practical merchandising tips and techniques. Using a hands-on approach, this session will teach you how to effectively lay out your retail store to improve customer traffic flow and boost sales. You will also discover the do’s and don’ts for merchandising new and unique product lines through examples and practical exercises.

Here’s what last year’s Retail Science Roadshow attendees had to say:

“This was the best roadshow I’ve been to! I’ve attended many other seminars that don’t even come close to what VGM Retail put on today.” – 2015 Retail Science Roadshow Attendee

“I received special retail knowledge that was explained with detail and interaction that really helped me learn and master the best retail practices.” – 2015 Retail Science Roadshow Attendee

Ready to sign up? Click below to learn more and register for this fantastic event! We look forward to seeing you there!

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