ROHO Offers Education Opportunities and Resources

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roho-header-imageThe ROHO Institute for Education is a team of five therapists, in four countries, on three continents, with two specialties: seating and positioning and wound care, with one common goal to continue ROHO’s strong tradition of education and training with expanded resources for the clinical prescriber and the medical equipment provider. See a list of educational opportunities and resources below that will help you grow.

Pressure Ulcer Etiology Training Sessions for CEUs - available on the West Coast for VGM members.
The ROHO Institute for Continuing Education invites VGM members to attend an education event. Continuing Education Units are offered for this event. Upcoming Dates:
  • 4/24/15 – San Diego
To register or for more information, click here.
ROHO Announces U.S. Launch of Smart Check – the world’s first intelligent setup and cushion security system.
The world’s first intelligent setup and cushion security system is now available for VGM Members. roho-smartcheck Confidence, Independence and Peace of Mind – That’s Smart Check by ROHO. Visit for more information.
Need to Update Your Knowledge of Pressure Ulcers?
A series of articles from Mobility Management detailing Dr. Amit Gefen's research into deep-tissue injuries, sponsored by ROHO, is now available as a PDF on the Mobility Management website. Access the PDF here.
Deformation Versus Ischemia? New Facts Every DME Professional Should Know
ROHO’s Scientific Advisory board has discovered that deformation of the skin and soft tissue has earlier implications in pressure ulcer development versus just ischemia alone. This paradigm shift is critical since deep tissue injury (DTI) can happen quickly from minutes to hours. Click here for the first edition of ROHO Global News and this article.
Cinderella’s Shoe Does Not Fit Anymore
The seating surface that is best for a client today is not necessarily the best long term: When making an equipment recommendation for a seating surface, considering long-term body and positioning changes are more critical than ever. The best solutions must be adjustable, adaptable, and durable. Read how support surfaces can adjust to address inevitable body changes that happen over time for clients who use wheelchairs for mobility. Click here for a preview of information being presented at the 17th Annual European Pressure Ulcer Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.