Round 1 2017 Competitive Bidding Advice from Mark Higley

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If you are bidding in the “Round 1 2017”, the Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor (CBIC) must receive your hardcopy financial documents on or before November 16, 2015, in order for the documents to be eligible for a covered document review and for you to be notified of any missing financial documents. 

Don’t wait–send the required hardcopy financial documents TODAY! 

The covered document review process gives bidders the opportunity to be notified of missing required financial documents. VGM urges all members bidding in the program to take advantage of this process.

Under the covered document review process, the CBIC will notify suppliers of any missing financial documents. 

Important note:  The review process only determines if there are any missing financial documents. It does not indicate if the documents are acceptable, accurate, or meet applicable requirements.

You’ll be notified by e-mail along with a letter indicating any missing financial documents within 90 days of the CDRD. The notification e-mail will be sent to the bidder’s registered authorized official and back-up authorized official. In addition to the e-mail, suppliers who are missing a financial document will also be sent a letter indicating the missing financial document(s). Those suppliers will be required to submit only the indicated missing financial document(s) within 10 business days of the notification. After the bid window closes, bidders may only submit the requested financial documents identified as part of the CDRD process and cannot submit corrections to any other required documents.

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Seminar Series 2016

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