Sales Webinar from Emerge Sales, PlayMaker CRM

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Emerge Sales and PlayMaker CRM Partner to Provide Comprehensive Sales Support to HME Providers


The first offering from Emerge Sales and PlayMaker CRM is a free educational webinar TODAY at 2 p.m. EST, titled, “Time to Grow Your HME Business NOW!” During this one-hour webinar, Mike Sperduti will reveal essential tactics that can immediately strengthen HME sales processes and improve your bottom line. Click here to reserve your free spot now, visit and complete the registration form.

Emerge Sales and PlayMaker CRM have announced a strategic partnership that will bring together industry-leading sales training and sales software for home medical equipment providers.

Emerge Sales CEO Mike Sperduti has been leading the way for best practices in HME selling for years and has found a natural ally in PlayMaker CRM on his mission to elevate the sophistication of sales efforts in the space.

“Our sales training methodology teaches sales reps to shine the spotlight on how their company can better serve referral sources and outlines an easy-to-follow process for generating more orders,” said Sperduti. “Combining that strategy with a powerful sales tool like PlayMaker CRM ensures that reps can effectively manage those relationships to maximize ROI.”

Through its industry-specific solution and market intelligence data, PlayMaker CRM is transforming how HME companies manage their sales efforts and grow their business. “We are excited to work with Mike and the team at Emerge Sales to provide HME companies with the strategies and technology solutions to overcome the growth challenges they face and position them as leaders in their market,” says John Griscavage, CEO of PlayMaker CRM, who ran an HME company himself from 2003–2006.