Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Posted on in Growth Strategies

By: Mary Avenanti, Off the Shelf Marketing

When I was in grade school, there was this kid by the name of Tony Anderson. Both having last names that started with the letter “A” meant we were always seated next to or behind each other in the classroom throughout the first three grades. Because Tony’s last name of Anderson would always come before Avenanti, I was always the one seated behind or second. Being a middle child in a family of 10, I constantly felt overlooked, which led to the development of a fierce competitive nature away from home. In grade school, being second was not cool, especially to a boy.

So, the gauntlet was thrown, and Tony and I ended up neck-to-neck for the most stars on the achievement chart. Every time he won the spelling bee, I worked twice as hard to win the next one. His hand always flew up first with an answer to the daily math puzzle, too. I wasn’t as quick on the draw, but he wasn’t always right either, which gave me a chance to waltz in slowly with a well thought out response. Nine times out of 10, I would take his precious star away and watched his smug little smile fade, just for a little while, until the next challenge.

There were many benefits to the friendly competition between Tony and I. First, it helped us maintain excellent grades and stay at the top of our game. Next, Tony’s bold competitive spirit and my more subtle competitive approach inspired creativity in problem solving and helped hone our academic skillset without us even realizing it. Additionally, we learned about failure and how powerful it is as a necessary step toward greater success. I just always felt Tony’s more brazen approach caused him to work much harder for the same results.

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