Simplify Invasive and Noninvasive Ventilation With the Vent Manual

Posted on in Business Operations

Invasive and noninvasive ventilation is an industry filled with policies and procedures that can leave anyone’s head spinning. And for a business owner looking to get into the market, it can be intimidating. In fact, some experienced providers still find themselves running into new problems or inefficiencies that lead to unneeded expenses.

To help those looking to get into ventilation, or who want to enhance their current program, VGM Respiratory has created the Home Ventilation Management Program manual to use as a guide. This comprehensive tool was assembled by industry experts and includes just about everything needed for companies in invasive or noninvasive ventilation, including policy and procedure templates, accreditation standards, documentation and reimbursement information, competency assessments, and other helpful forms. Inside, purchasers will also find a tracheostomy guide with specific information on how to care for a child or adult with a tracheostomy.

The manual is the perfect starting point for members looking to break into the market, offering everything needed to jump in as quickly and efficiently as possible. For those already working in invasive or noninvasive ventilation, it can significantly help streamline their operation and ensure they’re up to date with industry standards and best practices. Regardless of their experience, this guide can help companies save valuable resources so they can focus on what really matters – their patients.

After reading the Home Ventilation Management Program manual, visit the Respiratory Resource Center for more tools and information. It’s free for members and an excellent resource to refer to for continued excellence in the market.

Purchase the manual at To learn more about the manual or the Respiratory Resource Center, contact Ashley Monroe at [email protected].