‘Sit Back and Ponder’ Still Works – Five Reasons to Step Up Your Print Marketing Game

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OTS By: Mary Avenanti, Off The Shelf Marketing In this fast-paced and ever-changing age of digital marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. What is working, what isn’t? How many clicks did that email get, how many times should I run the same post on Facebook to optimize my views, should I hire a full-time person just to keep my website updated, Facebook current, track email responses, e-commerce sales, and every tweet, chirp and cyber-peep that might be a lead I need to nurture? It’s exhausting thinking about it, let alone trying to keep up with it while running a business. Feel a need to disconnect for a bit? Need a breather? So do your customers! When J.C. Penney decided to bring their print catalog back after a five-year hiatus, J.C. Penney spokeswoman Kate Coultas explained, “Our research has shown that our customers, particularly when it comes to looking at home merchandise, still prefer to browse a traditional print piece, but then go online to order the item or go into our store.” It’s a “sit back and ponder” approach and it works. Time spent reading and sharing promotional brochures and magazines converts to sales. Sales with meaning—sales to an educated consumer who appreciates the personal connection they felt reading about the type of wheelchair that woman in the picture is using, making note of questions that arise and coming to you to discuss possible solutions. Alexis Walch, marketing support manager at Memorial Home Services, talks about how VGM’s Know Your Options magazine has become one of the trademark promotional print pieces for their business. The Memorial Health System affiliate distributes more than 5,000 of the home care product guides every year. “The Know Your Options booklets have been great for our business in a number of ways. They are a very useful and effective tool for our staff when discussing home medical equipment options with our customers, and our customers find them to be an excellent resource for learning about home care products, accessories available, and insurance coverage. The Know Your Options is a very user-friendly guide that helps educate and build awareness of the choices available. Our referral sources love them as well. “Every new customer at our store receives a booklet when they begin service with us. We also use them when giving community presentations and educational sessions to offer general awareness of medical equipment and all the options available.” Here are five good reasons to step up your print marketing game:

  1. Print pieces have become rarer, meaning they have the tendency to stand out, grab attention and are appreciated in this fast-paced digital era.
  1. Print pieces give you the opportunity to show you care about your customer. Either you or a staff member is talking with this customer one on one, without a computer or mobile device between you.
  1. It gives customers and caregivers a place to rest their eyes. To take time to browse, with maybe a cup of coffee and warm conversation about what the next step is for a loved one. A place to pause in what can be a frenzy of high-stress decision making.
  1. Print pieces have the capacity to inspire questions based on what we see and read. It’s a “sit back and ponder” approach.
  1. Despite the popularity of digital mediums, more than a third of the population still prefers looking through a magazine or catalog when considering a purchase. Are you willing to ignore that potential business?
Sit back for a minute and ponder this: VGM’s Off the Shelf Marketing Program offers print pieces specifically for the HME community — your customers and your referral sources. Beautifully designed, warmly written and available to Members off the shelf or personalized for your business. | [email protected] | 888.875.7707 Here’s another article about Off the Shelf educational marketing materials. Educating Consumers/Referral Sources Equals Growth and Respect for DMEs