Six Technology Solutions to Improve Efficiency, Bottom Line; an HME’s Story: Home Oxygen Co., LLC

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This article was originally published within the Analyzing Business Operations Playbook

Written By: Lalaina Rabary, VGM Marketing 

With all the available options, you may be struggling to decide which technology to implement in your business. With the help of an I.T. consultant, one California couple began investing in technology solutions from the beginning of their independent home medical equipment company.

Home Oxygen Co., LLC, was started in 2007 by spouses Andrea Ewert and Todd Usher. The company now has three central valley California locations. Andrea, chief executive officer, shares six of her favorite technologies that have increased efficiency and profits for the business.

1. Non-delivery Products: The cornerstone of our business model has been non-delivery in the oxygen sector with a focus on homefill and portable oxygen concentrators. Result: saving the labor costs of three technicians, vans, insurance and inventory management.

2. Documentation Management Technology: From the beginning of our business, we implemented RingCentral to allow all faxes to come in electronically. After a fax is received, it is automatically uploaded into Brightree to create a patient account and assign an intake representative. To add, we use MyForms to integrate better with Brightree software. Together, RingCentral, Brightree and MyForms have eliminated paper and saved our company thousands of dollars in labor costs. Result: One full-time employee to handle over 200 faxes per day.

3. Point-of-Delivery Software: We use technology that is compatible with mobile devices and provides us with real-time delivery status, proof of delivery and a dispatch board to manage delivery routes when problems arise. This helps us maintain a cleaner inventory, provides us with better visibility when deliveries are complete and reminds us of incomplete tasks. Result: One full-time employee can handle a larger workload because of our mobile delivery management software.

4. Cellular Modems/Wi-Fi: To better manage our sleep business, we use cellular modems and Wi-Fi with our Philips Respironics CPAP devices and have integrated Encore Anywhere with Brightree.

Result: Saving multiple hours of back and forth with chip readers and allows us to remotely monitor our patients and quickly report data to physicians.

5. Digital Voiceover IP Network Technology: Our phone system is internet-based, enabling us to go online to make changes to our phone system. This has been very beneficial for our call center.

Result: At the touch of a button we can change when and how calls are forwarded, integrate the system with our smartphones and contact stores who are far away.

6. StrategicAR: StrategicAR provides web-based patient billing and collections for HME providers. We have outsourced non-core activities with Strategic AR so we can focus more on our business.

Result: Saved labor costs of one full-time employee.

“By 2017, we hope to have all inventory personnel equipped with barcoding to better manage our inventory, reduce shrinkage and improve the process on its way to billing. I encourage all HME providers to have an open mind regarding technology to not discount what technology can do for them.”

-Andrea Ewert CEO, Home Oxygen Co., LLC

Within the HME industry and overall health care continuum, technology is playing an increasingly important role in servicing patients and managing their care. When used appropriately, technology can grow your business offerings, improve your operations and strengthen your bottom line!

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