Small as a Soda Can: The Transcend® miniCPAP™

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Designed around mobile patient lifestyle, the Transcend® miniCPAP is a portable CPAP device that’s as small as a soda can and weighs less than one pound. For even more freedom, CPAP users can add a battery about the size of a deck of cards for unlimited therapy away from home. The Transcend miniCPAP provides complete freedom to CPAP users on the go so they can sleep anywhere. It’s even FAA approved for inflight use!

National advertising drives more sales to DMEs. Transcend miniCPAP is getting major exposure in the market thanks to the ongoing national advertising campaign. Every week we hear from new and current DME providers that CPAP users are coming into their facilities to buy the Transcend miniCPAP in response to advertising.

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Whether you have your own fulfillment program or are currently using VGM Fulfillment, these box stuffers are free for your use to market the Transcend miniCPAP to your resupply patients.

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