SoClean and Incrediwear Both Win Retail Shark Tank and Most Innovative Product Award

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Two vendors took top honors in both product competitions at Heartland Conference 2016. BetterRest Solutions’ CPAP cleaner and sanitizer SoClean and therapeutic active wear by Incrediwear tied for first place in Retail Shark Tank on June 14; the next day both were named most innovative products by a separate, secret panel of judges.

Both winners said their products provide cash revenue opportunities for HMEs, and they had the numbers ready to back up their claims when VGM’s sharks grilled them.

“It’s such a great opportunity to share our exciting product line,” said Jodi Sorenson of Incrediwear. “Winning is a great honor because there were amazing products (competing in Retail Shark Tank). It goes to show how innovative and cutting-edge VGM is to offer this to customers.”

Then an employee, Sorenson became a passionate supporter of Incrediwear because the products worked for her as she recovered from surgery.

SoClean heading to the small screen

Ben Tomaszewski of BetterRest Solutions said his company’s win for SoClean is good timing for retailers: a national television advertising campaign begins soon.

“It’s always nice to win,” said Tomaszewski. “It shows that there’s support there, and we’re not mistaken that it will do well in DMEs.”

The Retail Shark Tank session at Heartland was a take-off on the hit TV series Shark Tank, albeit with a few Heartland-only tweaks.

VGM’s sharks named Contour Products’ KABOOTI® three-in-one seat cushion as the third-place winner. Contour’s Scott Davis said his product is a more attractive alternative to the traditional donut, both when displayed in a retail setting and carried by the user. “Nobody knows it’s a donut ring,” Davis said.

Three other products were pitched during Retail Shark Tank: from Knit-Rite, Inc., Therasport compression stockings targeting a younger, more athletic customer; Vionics’ fashionable footwear for men and women designed to realign the lower leg and relieve heel pain; and from Therafin, Easy Clip Back, a no-assembly option for posture support on slingback/folding wheelchairs.

Although her company’s product did not take one of the top three honors, Marie Meents of Therafin said competing brought Heartland attendees to her booth in the exhibit hall.

“I’m so happy we participated,” Meents said. “We had a ton of dealers interested. They want to carry (the Easy Clip Back).”