Speed Networking and Women’s Event Coming to New “Big Idea”’ Educational Track at Heartland Conference 2016

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Heartland Conference attendees are accustomed to billing and reimbursement, respiratory and mobility advice from the experts. This year organizers are adding something new and different to the lineup.

An educational track, with the working name of “Big Ideas,” will be a new experience at Heartland Conference, or any HME industry event for that matter.

“There are plenty of opportunities to earn CEUs at Heartland, so this track will go beyond CEUs,” said Sara Laures, vice president of Special Projects at VGM, and one of the long-time conference organizers. “This track will focus on building relationships and forming new connections and ideas.”

Still in the planning stages, the track will include a creative boot camp that presents simple life changes that will have the greatest effect on developing long-term creative problem solving, a “speed networking” event that will play off the idea of speed dating and a special event to honor the women of the HME industry.

Thousands of women are leaders in our HME industry,” said Mike Mallaro, CEO of VGM Group, Inc., “deftly balancing high-stress workloads, the needs of patients, caregiving for their own families and more. Refilling the tank is essential to well-being. Heartland will offer a chance to recharge and enhance women's support networks.”

This year, Heartland Conference will celebrate 15 years of providing high-quality education and networking opportunities to VGM Members.

“We’ll be sure our traditional education and CEU opportunities, which we’ve offered consistently for 14 years, continue to knock it out of the ballpark,” said Laures. “But, we also want Heartland attendees to experience the fun of an outside of the box approach to HME education, too.”

Heartland Conference is scheduled for June 13-16 in Waterloo, Iowa. Learn more and register at