The Bid Window Is Open. Now What?

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The competitive bidding window has been opened for a 60-day timeframe, meaning you have only until Sept. 18 to place your bids for Round 2021. But, before you jump into the process, we have compiled a list of important actions you should take to ensure your business makes the most of this opportunity.

If you follow these eight steps, you’ll be bidding smart in no time.

Step One:

Read “What’s New” and the Request for Bid Instructions on the CBIC website. These online resources will walk you through what separates Round 2021 from previous rounds. You’ll also find terminology and directions that will help you when placing your bid.

Step Two:

All updates to your CMS-855S enrollment application must be in PECOS by the close of the bid window. This includes:

  • All locations remain active and in good standing.
  • Your PECOS record is up-to-date with the states or areas where you will furnish bid items.
  • Responses have been provided to any revalidation requests from the NSC.
  • NSC has all licenses (current and renewals) reflected in PECOS.
  • Your accreditation information is correct, and your location(s) is accredited for all items in the product category.
  • Your name and email address are accurate and up-to-date in PECOS.

If any fields are filled out incorrectly, you run the risk of facing consequences. So, make sure you set some time aside to double check the information is in and accurate.

Step Three:

To submit your bid and upload required documents, you must request access to the program’s secure portal: DMEPOS Bidding System, DBidS, and Connexion. If you don't already have an active account, you’ll need to create an account in the CMS Enterprise Portal and apply for a CMS Enterprise Portal user ID and password. You will then log in to the CMS Enterprise Portal and request access to both DBidS and Connexion.

Step Four:

If you have not secured a bid bond, you need to do so immediately. Time is quickly running out and this is a vital piece of competitive bidding. As a reminder, an enrollment surety bond does NOT qualify as a bid bond. If you still need to secure one, VGM Insurance will be happy to assist you.

Step Five:

Log in to the CMS Enterprise Portal with your CMS Enterprise Portal user ID and password. From there, request access to DBidS and Connexion. Select the same role [authorized official (AO), backup authorized official (BAO), or end user (EU)] for DBidS and Connexion. (Note: Only an individual identified as an AO on your company’s CMS-855S enrollment application can register as an AO or BAO.)

You will then need to enter the same company information and PTAN for DBidS and Connexion. When selecting your PTAN for registration purposes, it’s important to note that the legal business name (LBN) on your company’s bid surety bond(s) must be the same as the LBN associated with the PTAN you use to register for DBidS and Connexion.

Step Six:

Find the step-by-step instructions in the DBidS User Guide and review the Bid Preparation Worksheet and Utilization Reports that include data about the items in each product category for each CBA. They are there to assist you with determining your bid amount and estimated capacity for the lead item in the product category. Use our Lead Item Pricing Calculator to determine your lead item bid amount’s impact on the non-lead items in the product category.

For the most accurate results, enter your actual information.

Step Seven:

Assemble your financial documents and secure a credit report/score that is dated within the 90 days of your bid submission. Review “Appendix D: Required Financial Documents by Business Type Table” and “Appendix G: Required Documents Checklist” on the RFB closely when preparing your documents. We suggest you upload your required financial documents in Connexion by the covered document review date (CDRD) of Aug. 19. You will be notified within 90 days after the CDRD which, if any, required financial documents are missing and the date that all missing documents must be uploaded in Connexion.

Step Eight:

If at any point of the process you have questions or concerns, contact Mark Higley at 888-224-1631 or [email protected].

Round 2021 has the potential to be the best year for reimbursement in a very long time. If you follow these eight steps, you should be well on your way to having a profitable year.  For additional competitive bidding support and resources, check our website at You can also access state maps with up-to-date DMEPOS geographic classifications – Competitive Bidding Area, Non-Rural, Rural, and Non-contiguous – by visiting the resource center at

Bid smart!