The Importance of Outcome Measurement in COPD - Part 3

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 By Dave Lyman, RRT, Vice President, VGM Respiratory

Ready to break the cycle of reimbursement cuts? Tired of both referrals and payers defining your value as limited to equipment rentals? Then it’s time to look into transforming your respiratory capabilities into true clinical outcomes that extend beyond the patient’s interaction with the equipment.

Your referrals are now feeling the pain of COPD readmissions and struggling to find respiratory management programs to effectively impact readmissions once the patient goes home. Payers, similarly, are under pressure to reduce hospitalizations and especially to develop population health programs that envelop wellness and rehabilitation year round. Both referrals and payers see an expertise gap in respiratory disease management that isn’t filled by nursing – which offers the HME the opportunity to transition into respiratory services!

COPD outcomes should be at the top of all respiratory providers’ minds, and VGM has partnered with Encore Healthcare, the leading COPD management outcomes tool in the industry, to help. So, let’s discuss what this partnership can do for respiratory providers and their COPD patients.

How Do I Start?

Take NIV patients for example. Start by refocusing the RT visit and follow up beyond the equipment set up and onto the patient’s current disease management skills. This entails understanding a patient’s history, COPD stage, activity, meds, and self-management skills to drive a plan of care that demonstrates functional improvement, which is essential to delivering outcomes to both referrals and payers.

Next, address the group of patients on only oxygen in order to be a complete provider to the referral. This isn’t about asking questions, more paper, or “education.” Outcomes are a challenge, and you’ll need respiratory care software to guide workflows, establish goals, and communicate to the broader care team. Software provides organization to the data and the analytics to report results, define, and prove why your respiratory capabilities are outstanding. Value is measured by not only reducing penalties, but by aligning your “ownership” of the respiratory patient at home with the hospital’s desire to be a system of choice for further services (who else can interact monthly with a COPD patient?).

How Do I Begin to Align My Company?

This starts with you. Are you prepared to invest in software, time to prioritize marketing, learning new strategies, and streamlining your clinical staff? What’s the alternative? The market is changing. Provider networks are narrowing. And innovative programs are popping up all around you. Encore Healthcare has the answer, and VGM Respiratory offers insight to today’s operational issues and outstanding equipment suppliers. Now, we’re ready to introduce partners that can help you execute new strategies, develop hospital partnerships that include transition of care service revenues, and HME contracts with skilled nursing facilities for pulmonary care services. Contact Tricia Dowd today at [email protected] to schedule an individual webinar to learn how you can make this transition.

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