The VGM Value to Your Bottom Line - Part 1

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This is the first in a series of articles highlighting the many opportunities available through your membership to VGM & Associates.

New to VGM? These programs will provide you ample return on your investment

After 38 years of providing customers with accessible vehicles and wheelchairs, Bruce Bayes, chief executive officer and owner of Custom Mobility, decided it was time to join VGM & Associates and U.S. Rehab.

“VGM is the place where industry leaders are going. We feel very supported here,” Bayes said when discussing the value of VGM membership.  

Since joining, Bruce's business has experienced many benefits – access to cost savings, industry leaders and quality education. As a new member of VGM, these benefits are also available to you. Here are programs that have been key to Custom Mobility’s success and reasons why you should consider adding them to your mix, too. 

VGM Education – To keep your team compliant

Custom Mobility uses VGM Education to deliver quality education to their team. VGMU – an online educational platform - has more than 300 classes to cover your accreditation needs, including HIPPA; fraud, waste, and abuse; and seating and mobility. Managers are able to access reports to demonstrate employee compliance.  

Billing & Reimbursement – To help you make sense of documentation requirements   

Keeping up with documentation requirements can be difficult in the midst of managing employees, completing seating fittings and making sure sales are coming through the door. For this reason, VGM has employed top reimbursement experts like Dan Fedor. Dan is a part of a team that helps you navigate the complex web of the claims process and avoid pesky audits. Prior to working for U.S Rehab, Dan was CEO and a compliance consultant at the Mobility Experts, director of education and compliance for Pride Mobility and a Jurisdiction A DMERC. As a VGM member, access to reimbursement experts like Dan are simply a phone call or email away.

“I cannot think of one instance where I’ve had communication with a VGM staff member who was not helpful," said Bayes. "If they didn’t have the answer for me at that time, they got back to me immediately.”

U.S. Rehab – To distinguish you from your competition and give you great pricing on mobility products

Custom Mobility is a member of U.S. Rehab – a member group within VGM. U.S. Rehab offers comprehensive and quality education, so your team can learn the skills and techniques required to differentiate your business from your competition. After attending U.S. Rehab’s Tech Training seminar, enrolling in their seating and master’s program and taking advantage of their exclusive vendor contracts, you will be well on your way to owning your share of the market.

“We have seen an impact on our bottom line with the contracts VGM has negotiated with major manufacturers," said Bayes. "We’ve also learned about new manufacturers we would not have been aware of or familiar with before.”  

Bayes is confident that Custom Mobility is in the right place with VGM and that others are, too.

“There’s no other organization that can help you out the way VGM can.”