Tune In Soon: The "Industry Matters – Powered by VGM" Podcast

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In the information age, health care providers have more information available than ever before. Within the home medical equipment industry, there are several phenomenal industry content producers who are bringing providers the latest news and updates. The challenge for many in today’s fast-paced environment is that it’s difficult to find the time to sit down and read all of that great content. It is even more difficult to multi-task while trying to read an interview of an industry leader when you are short on time. VGM wants to change that.

We’re excited to announce VGM will unveil a podcast in April, which is targeted specifically to the HME industry. Whether at the office, in your car, or anywhere in between, the Industry Matters - Powered by VGM podcast will be available on your computer, smartphone, or tablet around the clock. Each episode will typically run 25-35 minutes.

What Can I Expect to Learn from the HME Podcast?

VGM wants to bring the most relevant information, ideas, products, and events all to one place. In today’s environment, providers must stay up-to-date on the newest trends, government and regulatory news, innovative technologies, and business best practices to remain competitive. Our guests will include industry thought leaders within VGM and outside experts who can give providers new ways of thinking about their business.

How Can I Tune In?

A new episode of the Industry Matters - Powered by VGM podcast will be released every Wednesday. Providers can catch every episode through several easily accessible methods:

  1. The homepage. Scroll toward the bottom of the screen to access the player, and click PLAY.
  2. Apple users may listen and subscribe on the Apple Podcasts app by searching for Industry Matters - Powered by VGM podcast.
  3. Android users can download Stitcher for Podcasts in the Google Play Store to tune in and subscribe.