Van’s Love for Community Continues Through Daisy the Dog

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VGM employees welcomed a special four-legged visitor named Daisy on Friday, Jan. 29.

Daisy was born on June 22, 2015, and owned by the late Van Miller. After Van’s passing, his family decided they wanted Daisy to be a gift to someone in need and transitioned her to Retrieving Freedom. Retrieving Freedom is a non-profit organization in Waverly, Iowa, that trains service dogs to be placed in the homes of veterans, children with autism and those with diabetes.

Scott Dewey, co-president of Retrieving Freedom’s Waverly facility, emphasized the importance of service dogs, like Daisy, to veterans.

“Every hour, 22 veterans commit suicide. If we can save just one veteran with a service dog, our efforts are worth it,” said Dewey.

In 18 months, Daisy will be placed in her forever home to be an active companion to a veteran who lives with post-traumatic stress disorder. Daisy will be the hands and legs of her owner, helping him or her cope with the emotional overload of life post-combat.

Retrieving Freedom is confident in Daisy’s capabilities to give her owner the opportunity to thrive again.

“Daisy's personality is spunky", Dewey said. “She's extremely smart and has a very expressive face - you can always tell what she's thinking. She loves learning and is willing to listen at any given time. She is a kind, loving and loyal pup. We look forward to working with her for the next 18 months.”

VGM Associates raised over $1,200 to go towards Daisy’s training at Retrieving Freedom and look forward to following her journey on Facebook. Click here to keep up with Daisy online. 

“Van was an extremely patriotic man, and I’m certain he would give the ‘thumbs up’ to the idea of having Daisy serve a veteran,” said Dax Miller, Van’s son and VGM Associate.