VGM Fulfillment Launches Compression Resupply Program

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By Mike McGill, VGM Marketing

For a decade, VGM Fulfillment has been providing CPAP resupply services to hundreds of providers by picking, packing and shipping orders directly to more than two million of their customers’ doorsteps annually.

Now, armed with a flexible enterprise resource planning system and more than 20,000 square feet of additional warehouse and office space, VGM Fulfillment has expanded into compression

“We are excited to expand our offering of services outside of CPAP fulfillment to include compression stocking fulfillment,” said Jeremy Stolz, president of VGM Fulfillment. “Similar to CPAP, the compression market is growing. This new service allows the opportunity for seamless delivery or resupply of compression stockings directly to patients or to a provider’s store.” 

Compression Market is Booming

Compression products are used to treat a variety of chronic conditions including venous diseases, joint and muscle pain and stiffness, amputations, and lymphedema. Due to the increase in diabetic and elderly populations, the compression market is booming. According to a report by research and consulting firm GBI Research, the compression therapy market in the U.S. is forecasted to grow to $1.6 billion in 2019 – an estimated six percent compound annual growth rate since 2012.    

According to Stolz, those statistics present an opportunity for businesses currently offering compression stockings and for those thinking of diversifying into a new product category.

“With our resupply program, compression garments and other products are an opportunity for providers to expand their caretailing or cash sales offerings – without having to carry a large inventory and take up valuable showroom space,” said Stolz. “Patients with lymphedema or those recovering from amputations use compression therapy to manage and accelerate wound healing. These customers and others are looking for effective and stylish offerings.”     

How Does it Work?

VGM Fulfillment’s warehouse stocks supplies offered by participating vendors - creating a lean way for providers to purchase supplies through consignment. Providers submit an order. The order is shipped and typically arrives to the patient three days later. The vendor will then bill the provider for the product and VGM bills for shipping and handling.

“With our model, you don’t pay for product until you’ve already sold it,” added Stolz.

What this means for VGM members

  • Bundle orders from multiple manufacturers into one shipment.
  • Reduce inventory and free up showroom space.
  • Combine shipping volume together for potentially lower overall shipping costs.
  • Ship product directly to the patient OR to your store.
  • You retain negotiated pricing with the manufacturer.
  • Bill faster and more efficiently with integrated billing system.

VGM Fulfillment’s new compression resupply program was introduced at Medtrade Spring and to existing resupply customers in April. As the program gains momentum, plans are to build upon its list of participating manufacturers to accommodate existing relationships between vendors and DMEPOS providers.

Providers Retain Negotiated Pricing

“We’re still aggressively pursuing additional compression stocking manufacturers to participate in the program,” mentioned Aram Susong, VGM Fulfillment’s communication and East Coast sales manager. “To date, we have seven manufacturers signed on. Similar to our CPAP program, providers will retain their negotiated pricing with the manufacturer they currently purchase from so that relationship is maintained.”        

For a list of participating compression stocking manufacturers, click here.

For more information about VGM Fulfillment and their resupply programs, email or call them at 319-274-8643.