VGM Introduces HME Woman of the Year Award

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Women have been critical to the advancement of the HME industry. Their leadership has secured legislative wins, changed the lives of many patients and made lifelong impressions on communities throughout the country. For these reasons, VGM Group, Inc. is proud to introduce the HME Woman of the Year Award, open to all women who work in HME.

The award will be bestowed upon a trailblazer who is focused on paving new ways of innovation for better business. She leads authentically with a commitment to her values and has a strong sense of purpose.

“Women play such an important role in our industry, and we want to recognize that by honoring a specific woman for the contributions she has made through leadership, patient care, best practices, advocacy or any other aspect of leadership,” commented Mike Mallaro, chief executive officer for VGM Group, Inc.

To qualify for the HME Woman of the Year Award, nominees must have a displayed passion for delivering quality health care through process improvement, innovation and morale building. Self-nominations are accepted.

“The purpose of the award is to not only highlight existing leaders, but inspire action and mentorship to grow the HME architects of tomorrow,” Mallaro adds. “As the landscape of health care shifts, our industry requires an ‘all hands on deck mentality’ and growing pool of leaders.”

A formal announcement will be made today at the Women and Wine – Celebrating the Women of HME event at the VGM Heartland Conference. For more information on background, criteria and the nomination process, visit