VGM Launches Secure Tech Solutions

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By Lathan Ehlers, Copywriter, VGM Marketing

VGM has created VGM Secure Tech Solutions to address the growing security and technology concerns of our members. Consisting of eight team members with expertise in various areas of technology (wizards, really), this new offering helps members with anything technology or security related. And, they do mean anything.

Expert Advice

“We’ve always had members contact us for advice,” said Jeremy Kauten, VGM’s chief information officer and senior vice president of information technology. This advice covers the gamut—computers, tablets, cloud technology, mobile and remote workforce, security, and VoIP phone systems (a question Jeremy fielded recently) just to name a few. “In forming Secure Tech Solutions, we’re making sure every member knows we’re here to help no matter how big or how small their question is.”

This advice has real savings, too. Technology is a growing cost for businesses everywhere. It can be tempting to take the most budget-friendly option. But, choosing the wrong technology can be quite costly if you find your budget-friendly option lacking and need to purchase the correct technology. Seeking out Secure Tech Solution’s advice before major purchases can increase the likelihood of finding the right product the first time around.

Compliance and Risk

HIPAA compliance is a hot topic, especially for payer and referral sources. Several providers have reported being contacted by payers, insurance companies, and referral sources asking for proof and documentation of their compliance and security. At times, the ability for these providers to continue doing business with these entities hinges on this documentation.

Secure Tech Solutions has a number of offerings to help members including software solutions, assistance with policies and procedures, and incidence response planning. But, it all starts with their free security review.

“Members often tell me how eye-opening and valuable the security review is, saying there are a number of questions they never thought impacted their risk,” said Carol Albaugh, technical solutions consultant at VGM. “But, the process is just as valuable to us at VGM. It helps us discover the ways we can best help our members, which is our ultimate goal.”

A Resource for Complicated Times

Technology and security become more complex and complicated every day. One can hardly turn on the national news without seeing a story on the latest security breach. Independent HME providers have similar needs as larger national companies but may not have the expertise or the resources to navigate the complexities of purchasing technology and security solutions.

Secure Tech Solutions exists to help members navigate business technology solutions and secure their data.

If you have technology or security needs, please visit, or contact Carol Albaugh at 319-874-4797.


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