VGM Medtrade Fall Conference Schedule Released

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Fall is coming up quick, which means Medtrade! If you’re headed to Atlanta for the conference this year, you can look forward to over 20 presentations from VGM’s top experts in HME. Check out our sample of Medtrade presentations and networking events below.

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Monday, October 31:

  • Is Your Website Breaking the Law? Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and YOU
  • Home Accessibility is a Natural Progression: Industry Overview, Facts and Forecast, a Plan for the Future
  • HME Data, Facts and Statistics: You CAN Access It! (a.k.a. Just How Does Mark Higley Find All That Stuff??)

Tuesday, November 1

  • SESSION 1 - The Layer Cake Approach. Building a Product Inventory to Generate Real Revenue.
  • Respiratory Suppliers, Keep Your Money – Learn What to Expect From a Medicare Audit and How to Avoid Overpayment Demands
  • Generating New Business: Identify, Target, Engage and Convert Key Referral Sources

Wednesday, November 2

  • Home Adaptation for Progressive Disease Patients – Low- to High-Tech Options
  • The Great and Powerful Marketing Oz: Paying Attention to What's Behind the Online Marketing Curtain
  • Building an Incremental Sales Program: Sell Your Way Out of Poor Reimbursement
  • Women in HME: The View from the Ladies' Room

Networking Events

  • VGM Member Vendor 30th Anniversary Appreciation Party – Tuesday, November 1
  •  VGM Sponsored Power Lunch – Wednesday, November 2