VGM Member Grows Business by $750,000 with VGM Market Data

Posted on in Growth Strategies

VGMMarketData_282 Like most VGM Members, the announcement of the competitive bidding program and then failure to win contracts left Target Medical in a difficult place. How would they continue to make payroll and run a successful business when the rug was being pulled out from under them?Their proactive plan to diversify their product lines and invest in market data to target referral sources that prescribe their products most often, transformed Target Medical’s business at just the right time. Target Medical’s shoe-leather strategy to target and personally call on physicians that prescribe the products the company sells increased sales dramatically. “We increased incontinence sales by 26 percent to $600,000 and introduced other products to referral sources for significant ancillary updraft sales,” stated Brent Brockway. For every $1,000 invested in VGM Market Data, he and his two sales reps grew the business by $100,000, for a total of $750,000. Within seven months, Target Medical’s three-person sales team was able to:

  • Receive orders from 100 new physician and caseworker referral sources
  • Generate a huge return on investment
  • Generate an additional $150,000 in opportunities
Target Medical, Inc. will be investing in additional data for future strategy development in 2015. With physician- and organization-level data, Target Medical, Inc. is positioned to benefit from a significant competitive advantage. To read more about Target Medical’s journey click on our case study and to request a personal demo, click here.

For more information, contact Ryan Ball, VGM Market Data. 844-236-4022