VGM Retail Retools the Roadshow Brick by Brick

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It’s a new year, and resolutions are off and running. And in that spirit, VGM Retail has revealed upcoming updates to their popular Roadshow, a traveling educational event designed to help your retail business reach its full potential.

The new name, “Brick by Brick: Retail Learning Workshop,” is more than just a fancy rebranding. It reflects what it means to get into retail.

“Brick by Brick emphasizes that retail really is a process,” said Rob Baumhover, director of VGM Retail and Vendor Programs, “and, there are steps you can take to help ensure your retail business has the best chance for success.”

Product + Experience + Marketing = Financial Success

The Roadshow was always designed to help navigate that process, and Brick by Brick will continue that tradition—just with a refreshed format. Along with some new content, the Roadshow content has been reorganized into three (what everyone at VGM Retail is calling “buckets”) core elements: product, experience, and marketing.

“The primary concern we hear from the business owners we work with is financial success,” Baumhover said. “Retail is built on these three fundamental components – product, experience, and marketing – that contribute to that success.”

More Interaction, Sharing of Ideas

In addition to new and reorganized material, Brick by Brick is designed to be much more interactive than its predecessor. Whereas the Roadshow presentations were more lecture-style in nature, the new format will be a true workshop, complete with small and large group discussions. These discussions give participants a chance to use the new vocabulary to talk about their own experience and prepares them to continue the discussion with staff and leadership once they get home.

The first workshop under the new format is scheduled for March 20 in Ann Arbor, Mich., with eight more to follow throughout 2018. Stay tuned for more news about the Brick by Brick: Retail Learning Workshop. And, in the meantime, visit the VGM Retail blog to start learning about the retail process and join the discussion.