VGM's Newest Playbook is Available for YOU!

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Click here to download How to Capitalize on Opportunities in Post-Acute Health CareLast quarter, the thought leaders at VGM Group, Inc. released “Industry Snapshots: Forecasting 2018,” which provided a high-level overview of what to expect in the coming year. It covered a number of topics related to the ever-changing landscape of post-acute health care, but one thing that was clear throughout—opportunities still abound throughout the industry.

In our latest playbook, “Industry Insights: How to Capitalize on Opportunities in Post-Acute Health Care,” we have more detailed advice to give—provided businesses are willing to think differently.

“It’s no secret that home medical suppliers of all shapes and sizes continue to cope with a more complex business environment, a faster-changing marketplace, increasingly demanding customers, and competitors that are more complex,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates, a division of VGM Group. “This playbook gives in-depth information on how providers can view their business from 30,000 feet above the rooftop and learn how to adjust and pivot in today’s business environment. More importantly, the content is centered around embracing the entrepreneurial mindset and to think differently for success.”

Industry Insights is free to download for VGM members and vendors and features articles covering topics such as people, process, technology, and ways to diversify and protect your bottom line. It’s a substantial resource, so it’s recommended that readers review each section, break down the content, and get their teams involved. While not all of the information will apply to every business, there is something in the playbook for everyone.

“You are going to find articles that will cover anything from leading through change and keeping your staff engaged, to technology trends and process improvement, to articles that provide the road map for diversification and expanding your business,” said Geffert. “This content will provide a number of proven tips and concepts that can help our membership community evolve and grow with the times.”

Industry Insights: How to Capitalize on Opportunities in Post-Acute Health Care is available online at and is free to VGM members and vendor partners. Non-members have access to an abbreviated version. For more information about VGM, visit