VGM Technologies: Heartland 2019 Recap

Posted on in Cybersecurity

It’s one of the best times of the year at VGM. We were honored to attend the VGM Heartland conference every year. Did you realize that in addition to all of the great things VGM does in the healthcare industry, the VGM Tech division is a fantastic partner for businesses in the healthcare industry? We've heard from many members that they are receiving IT Security Audits and others are getting them from referral sources and payer sources. 

While we had fun with the "Anonymous Hacker" that was walking around, our ultimate goal was to inform all attendees about how we can carry the burden of IT Security for their companies. Here's what we touched on this year-

Why VGM Technologies is a great partner for the healthcare industry:


1). Know the Industry

We realize there are many cybersecurity companies to choose from. However, not each one is going to have a background and specialty in healthcare. Your patients need protection as well as the company. They are not mutually exclusive. The data that is acquired in healthcare is incredibly intimate and private. A breach of any kind can not only cause significant harm to patients but can cause a significant break in trust.

2). Can Help Train Your Staff on Compliance

You are only as strong as the weakest link. Whether it be intentional or not, your employees have the ability to allow a breach to occur. This can happen when employees are not trained on the importance of security precautions. They want to help patients, and one of the ways they can do this is by protecting patient privacy. We are able to train your employees to recognize the warning signs of a hack attempt and how to respond.

3). Provide Risk Assessments for the Healthcare Industry

Just as you get a check up on your health, it’s important to have an assessment of your company’s vulnerability. We are able to review your security processes with your overall online presence and network security. We make recommendations based on what weakness we discover.

4). Have HIPAA Compliant Software

HIPAA is on everyone’s mind in the healthcare industry, as it should be. We understand the ins and outs of HIPAA and even have software that is able to satisfy government standards with easy-to-use technology.

5). Can Help You Choose Hardware

We know how to have proper security defenses on all hardware. This is why we have partnered with tech companies in order to help you choose the correct hardware for your specific needs, all while making cyber secure choices.

If you would like help with an IT Security Audit or any other IT security concerns, we are more than happy to help! Please call us at 319-874-4797 or fill out our contact form here today!