VGM Value to Your Bottom Line – Part 2

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This is the second in a series of articles highlighting the many opportunities available through your membership to VGM & Associates.

New to VGM? These programs will provide you ample return on your investment

As one of five pharmacies in a small Iowa town of around ten thousand, Meyer Health Mart Pharmacy knew they had to set themselves apart somehow. Retail was the answer for them.

“When we made the decision to move into retail and expand, the biggest motivating factor for us was insurance,” said Boualay Crow, HME manager of Meyer’s. “There’s nothing to expand in terms of insurance.”

A VGM member since 2008, Meyer’s Pharmacy turned to VGM Retail for the answer.

The two biggest areas that influenced Meyer’s experience the most were merchandising/inventory and vendor relations.

As a former big box retail manager, Rob Baumhover, director of VGM Retail Services, has merchandised thousands of displays in hundreds of retail showrooms. That knowledge brought from the big box world helps him teach and train members on effective merchandising techniques to improve the look of the store and encourage buying.

VGM’s Retail Services and Vendor Contracting teams help members eclipse the competition

Along with their merchandising expertise, the Retail Services team and the VGM Vendor Contracting team’s extensive knowledge of each contracted vendor’s product portfolio and the relationships built with those vendors made the experience for Meyer’s Pharmacy. By being a VGM member and working with the VGM Retail Team, Meyer’s Pharmacy can now serve its community and customers in a way that competitors can’t.

“We really started two steps ahead of the game by working with VGM Retail,” said Crow. “”Rob and the Retail team definitely delivered. Not only is our business more profitable, we are able to better serve our customers by providing products that truly improve their lives.”

VGM Retail’s services are designed to create an on-going partnership with the member to support the primary areas of the business: inventory, operations and marketing. The goal is to provide consistent support and knowledge in the areas of business that are often overlooked or understaffed to perform to the highest potential.