VGM welcomes a new retail vendor, Pharmaceutical Specialties.

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Pharmaceutical Specialties offers a unique line of premium American made walking canes. Each cane is made with high strength aluminum and coated using a proprietary anodize finish. The finish displays a clear logo that offers UV and scratch protection. Official Collegiate Licensed Merchandise 

Pharmaceutical Specialties AKA Pharm Spec was established in 1993 by Jerry Shorb. The company was founded with the focus of providing simple, safe, and affordable retail solutions to independent pharmacies in the Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio area. These solutions offered unique and meaningful items to the end user. In 1996 Pharm Spec established international partners and began importing a wide variety of colorful walking canes. The line of walking canes and accessories has expanded to today's current product mix. In 2006 Pharm Spec partnered with several universities to develop a line of collegiate licensed walking canes. The College Canes offer a unique gift option to any loyal fan. In 2014 Pharm Spec established production for all College Canes and Mil-Spec Canes in the U.S.A. Our responsible supply chain goes a step further by incorporating veterans’ causes with the VA and Fisher House.  The new production offers handcrafted walking canes that are made in Michigan.

If you purchased a College Cane or Mil-Spec Cane you can feel great about your purchase. Not only are you the owner of a stylish cane that helps you stay active but you are also creating jobs, helping veterans, and improving the environment. Pharm Spec is committed to using local suppliers and ensuring that our premium canes are made responsibly.

Assembled at the VA’s Compensated Work Therapy facility in Battle Creek Michigan. The program enables veterans with both physical and mental disabilities to recover and regain independence, self-esteem and stability. This is an opportunity for veterans committed to making a new start. 
Compensated Work Therapy provides high quality employees in an ISO certified facility.

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