VGM Welcomes Nufoot

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VGM welcomes a new vendor partner, Nufoot.

Nufoot and Nupouch specialize in trendy and high-tech neoprene accessories. They combine fashion with neoprene and highlight the strengths of neoprene to reinvent and reinforce their products.  Nufoot is skid-resistant, germ-resistant, better protecting your feet than ordinary patient socks. NuPouch is shock absorbent, water resistant and makes better medicine management case by protecting delicate instruments and meds.

Patient socks have never looked this good! Nufoot is the most protective and comfortable footwear a patient has ever experienced. Made with the latest sports technology, with anti-microbial treated neoprene, Nufoot protects your feet like a second layer of skin. The skid-resistant soles give you confident strides while the 4-way stretch neoprene conforms to the unique shape and size of your feet. Nufoot can be worn at home, office, hospitals, yoga, airplanes and hotels. It is the most faithful companion to your feet!  Wholesale cost is $5.5/pair, and the suggested retail price is $9.99/pair.

Nupouch reinvents medicine management case. Made with the latest sports technology and trendy designs, Nupouch is shock absorbent and water resistant, protecting medicine and medical equipment against shock and damage. Roomy interior and insulating neoprene keeps your cold meds cold, while keeping rest of you dry. 

  • Holds glucose meters, insulin pumps and blood pressure meters.
  • Secure zipped pocket to keep money and credit cards safe. 
  • Adjustable straps to hang Nupouch on walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Easy care and machine washable, making cleaning any spillage a cinch!
  • Wholesale cost $9.0/bag. Suggested Retail $18.99/bag.
  • Size 10inches x 7 inches.

Contact us at 925-743-9831 or [email protected]

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