What’s Happening in VGM Education in 2018?

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There are big things happening in VGM Education this year. Along with our new vice president, Cindy Diehl Yang, our dedicated staff has a desire to meet the needs of our customers. So you’ve asked, and we’re answering! Connect with us on Facebook and follow our blog to stay up to date on everything that is happening this year!

Mobile training: The much-anticipated implementation of mobile learning is currently underway. We plan to have at least our top 25 courses for both VGMU and CE Solutions available to be taken on mobile devices (e.g., tablets and phones) this year.

Leadership series: This often-requested training will consist of 12 courses taken to earn a certificate. The program will consist of course topics including coaching for improvement, dealing with difficult people, conducting evaluations, difficult conversations, goal setting/formatting/implementation, hiring the right people and building a team, emotional intelligence, negotiation, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, professional image/leadership presence, and more. This program is being developed for those currently in leadership roles or for those who desire to serve in that role.

Retail category: We will develop six courses that cover the core elements of retail success:

  • Store environment and location
  • Inventory and merchandising
  • Product categories and mix
  • Human resources and staffing
  • Operations and financial outcomes
  • Market and traffic drivers

There will also be updates to a variety of the existing customer service and sales courses available through VGMU to support the new Retail category.

Pharmacy: We will develop five courses that will offer ACPE credits for both pharmacists and pharmacy techs. The courses will be authored by L. Rad Dillon, R.Ph., ASQ CMQ/OE, ASQ CQA, ACHC/PCAB CAC. Since 1986, Rad has experience in the home infusion and specialty pharmacy industry, with national and regional organizations, holding various direct management and operational support roles. He is an American Society for Quality (ASQ) certified manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence and an ASQ Certified quality auditor. Additionally, Rad is a certified accreditation consultant for ACHC/PCAB. For the last four years, he has spent his time as an ACHC surveyor and consultant, averaging more than one such assignment per week. He is also involved in technical writing, including policy and procedure manuals and articles.

Spanish translations – We are currently working with a professional translator to offer our top courses in Spanish. You can be assured that the translation will be of the highest quality. No canned translation services used here!

VGM Education understands that as our industry changes, so do your educational needs. Please continue to let us know what you and your staff require, and we will continue to listen and adapt to help you be successful. Contact us at [email protected] or 866-227-8171. And remember to watch for updates throughout this year in your email, on Facebook, and on our blog.