What’s on the Health Care Horizon? A View From Above

Posted on in Product and Service Solutions

Given the complexity and uncertainty faced in the durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS) industry, determining where to focus your time, resources and energy can be a seemingly insurmountable task. Often, we’re so fixated on what’s immediately in front of us, seeing both the threats and opportunities the future holds simply isn’t possible.

This is the landscape that motivated the thought leaders at VGM Group, Inc. to develop their latest playbook Industry Snapshots: Forecasting 2018, a high-level overview of what to expect in the coming year.

“In 2018 there is little debate there will continue to be change and uncertainty in our community,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates, a division of VGM Group. “But where there’s a threat, a great opportunity awaits. Our playbook will provide insight and tips to help providers improve performance and offset risks within their business.”

This free resource includes 12 articles, covering topics such as mega trends, data and security, the tax bill and economy, and compliance and risk. It’s also only the first step. Throughout the year, VGM will release additional playbooks that take a deeper look at the various health care initiatives with which providers and patients are concerned.

“VGM is here to help,” said Geffert. “We will continue to be your source for important industry updates, education and solutions to strengthen your business for 2018 and beyond.”

Industry Snapshots: Forecasting 2018 is designed to help you identify and focus on the issues in the health care industry that will affect you most. It’s a useful resource for providers, yes—but the topics addressed in Industry Snapshots will have an impact on everyone including payers, providers, manufacturers and, perhaps most of all, patients.

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