What’s in a Name?

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WhatsInANaemKinder, gentler marketing solutions boost the branding power of your company name
By Mary Avenanti, Off The Shelf Marketing Program Manager Monroe Wheelchair. Wheelchairs Plus. Airway Oxygen. AeroCare. Westbrook Pharmacy. Medstar Surgical. Americle Healthcare. Webb Medical Systems. Grand Mesa Medical Supplies. Kwik Kare Home Medical & Respiratory Supplies. Did you ever consider how little information is given to the consumer and to your community by your company name alone and how MUCH potential information is afforded with its mental associations? If my mom needs a shower chair, and maybe a handheld shower, compression wear and a brace for her recently healed ankle, wouldn’t it be perfectly lovely for any of the HME providers listed above if one of THEIR names was the first to pop into my head—rather than Walgreens, or Wal-Mart, or Target or any of the other big box stores that have done an effective job of training our neuropathways to habitually think of them first? Know this: Caregivers would much rather shop in a smaller, more personal space, with the help of someone who is caring and knowledgeable about their needs. Walking into a big box store after a long day at work to pick up some Biofreeze®, a raised toilet seat and maybe some adult diapers, is NOT an attractive option. Studies have shown that consumer stress levels actually go up from just walking through the door and being confronted with all those aisles crammed full with all those products, and so many brands of each. It’s overwhelming, and if the exhausted, overstressed caregiver can actually find someone to help (In a reasonable amount of time), chances are that employee is not knowledgeable about the specific products needed. Each of the HME companies listed above CAN and DOES provide that warm caring experience to their customers. But how do you get me—the consumer, the caregiver—to think of you first? How do you let the consumer AND the referral source, for that matter, KNOW that you provide a full scope of products and services that will make their lives and the lives of their loved ones easier at a time when EASIER is a priority? How do you get me to turn left and head to WEBB Medical Systems (where Mom was set up with her wheelchair) instead of begrudgingly heading to Big Box Store (because it’s on the way home and they “should” have everything I need, even it takes me forever to find it and I will be adding to my stress and I am exhausted and no one there will know what I am talking about if I get lucky enough to find someone to help etc., etc.)? One very real and effective solution? Educational marketing—kinder, gentler marketing that gives pertinent information while maintaining the look and feel of a hometown experience. Consistency and replication are key. Be consistent with your message across all mediums and then put it on repeat. “Our 12-page brochure provides a great overview of all the products and services Monroe Wheelchair provides,” says MW Director of Public Relations Jen Loughner. “It shows the reader that we are so much more than just wheelchairs and even more about WHO we really are as a company.” Monroe Wheelchair’s brochure has evolved over the last five years into a warmly written, pleasing-to-the-eye marketing piece that uses the kind and gentle approach to inform consumers and referral sources about their latitude of services. And they have consistently distributed two or three thousand a year within their community and beyond. Their efforts have resulted in strong name recognition and consequent associative recognition for the full range of products and services they offer. The brochure is a heartfelt invitation to any one of their three locations, and a subtler invite to join them on their website and social media hangouts (all of which tout the same consistent message of personal, compassionate care). VGM’s Off The Shelf Marketing has worked with more than 1,000 members to create a full spectrum of educational marketing material. “It’s been a true pleasure working with VGM’s OTS Program over the years,” Jen shares. “Everyone on their team has been responsive, creative, friendly and easy to work with every step of the way. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to showcase their business in a classy, yet simple, user-friendly way.” Visit Contact Mary Avenanti at 888.875.7707 or [email protected].