Why Trade Shows are a Business Necessity

Posted on in Education/Training

By Tawni Tuetken, VGM Events “Big box stores and small independent retailers have one thing in common whether they realize it or not – they need trade shows,” wrote Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle in a recent Forbes article. Trade shows provide a focused environment where attendees can take advantage of networking and educational programs to increase expertise and share experiences with peers. The person-to-person experience offers value well beyond just identifying products, but it also expands into your store’s total operational success. Attendees have the opportunity to gain product intelligence, identify industry trends and gather competitor insight, all while gaining useful knowledge to bring back to their entire team.

“Over the years we have spoken to retailers who have avoided trade shows for a variety of reasons, but one reason that is fairly common is due to the expense of travel to attend. What they don’t realize, however, it actually costs them more by not attending. Missing out on your industry’s trade shows can impact your business success in a variety of ways, including the missed opportunities of finding new vendors, staying competitive to your competition and not expanding your store’s inventory based on market trends and proven data,” says Georganne Bender, a retail speaker and consultant (Forbes, 2014).

VGM understands the challenges providers face in this changing industry. By hosting the Heartland Conference each year, we give VGM Members the opportunity to recharge their batteries, businesses and connections. Speaker sessions will cover business diversification, billing and reimbursement and retail strategies, to name just a few sessions. The June 15-18 conference offers top-notch education with more CEUs than any other HME conference. Providers can expand their networks with plenty of networking events and exhibit time.

“As a retailer, you can never be too certain what the future will bring. However, one thing is for certain… trade shows are a valuable component to a retailer’s business. Incorporating trade shows into your annual calendar should be recognized as a necessity of business versus a dismissed opportunity, and as a result should be budgeted for and planned for to maximize the opportunities that trade shows deliver.” (Forbes, 2014)

To learn more about Heartland Conference, click here. We hope to see you in June! To learn more about the value of attending trade shows, read Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle’s article, “Why Trade Shows Deliver Value to Retailers.”