Why You Should “Get Social” at Heartland Conference 2016

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By: Lalaina Rabary, social media manager, VGM & Associates

This year’s Heartland Conference is all about cultivating connections and igniting ideas. Let’s take those connections and ideas online to social media sites. Why? Because sites like Facebook and Twitter offer more than cat videos, adorable baby photos and fiery political discourse. They provide ripe environments to listen, be heard, swap best practices with peers and build relationships.

And it’s easy for Heartland participants to get active on social media during the conference.   

How to use social media during Heartland

For social media beginners, the idea of getting active online can cause confusion and anxiety. That’s understandable. So take it slow, and select an action from the list below that you would like to complete at Heartland: 

  • Post a photo or video during Heartland on your personal or business Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag #VGMHeartland.
  • Share your thoughts during a presentation on Facebook or Twitter by publishing on your personal or business Facebook or Twitter page a status with the hashtag #VGMHeartland.
  • Comment on a Heartland Twitter or Facebook page status update, post or tweet.
  • Like, share or re-tweet the statuses, photos and videos of other attendees on your personal or business social media pages.

Why you should get active on social media during Heartland

Skeptical that being active on social media makes a difference? Here are some benefits of getting active on social media before, during and after Heartland Conference:

  • A captive audience open to learning more about your personal and professional brand. More than 500 attendees and 60 speakers are registered for this year’s Heartland. These individuals share common interests with you and will be open to reading what you have to say.
  • An opportunity to grow your network and stay engaged with industry leaders, peers and exhibitors. By interacting with other attendees on social media, you create relationships that could prove to be very beneficial in the future. I recently attended a conference where I found myself tweeting back and forth with a presenter who inspired me. We ended up meeting during the break and he walked me through some potential solutions to difficulties I was running into with work projects.
  • You could win prizes. The Heartland social media team will be awarding prizes at random to individuals who post on social media during Heartland with the hashtag #VGMHeartland. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

How to get active on social media during Heartland

  • If you haven’t already done so, download the social media essential apps – Facebook and Twitter – through the App Store or Google Play.
  • Subscribe to our Heartland Attendee and Heartland Speaker lists on Twitter to easily find fellow participants.
  • Make sure to include the #VGMHeartland hashtag on all of your posts.

After Heartland, when you’re on a plane or in the passenger seat for the trip home, perform some opposable thumb stretches to prevent cramping. Fast typing and consistent posting can take a toll on your thumbs if you aren’t careful.

And, if you haven’t yet signed up to attend Heartland Conference 2016, there is still time. Register Here.

About the author

Lalaina Rabary is social media manager and a passionate storyteller for VGM & Associates. Catch her interactive presentation at Heartland, “Start with Why: How to Inspire Action and Attract Customers.” Lalaina will introduce you to a powerful model that can help your business inspire action and attract customers.