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 This year, all VGM Heartland attendees will be given the opportunity to build Something Bigger while donating to a worthy cause - Homes For Our Troops.

Upon arriving at Heartland Conference 2017, you’ll be given a LEGO® brick in your Welcome Bag. This LEGO brick represents a $1 donation from VGM to the Homes For Our Troops cause. However, to complete the donation, you must bring your LEGO brick to the Retail Training Lab and place it on the Something Bigger sculpture.

At the Retail Training Lab, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase additional LEGO bricks to place as your own contribution to the Homes For Our Troops cause. You’ll have the opportunity to write your name and organization on their purchased LEGO brick and have your photo taken in honor of a fallen family member or patient.

“The HME community has always been servant-minded,” said Mike Mallaro, CEO of VGM Group, Inc. “We meet the complex healthcare and lifestyle needs of millions of people. We meet these needs with application of complex medical equipment and assistive devices, generally used in the home and which allow people to live a much higher quality of life than they would otherwise be able to do. We do all of this with tremendous compassion. That compassion carries over to the way in which we support our communities and those in need. Build Something Bigger is an accelerant to spur our industry to continue to serve those in need and maintain relevance in a changing healthcare world.”

To find out more about how you can become a part of Something Bigger during Heartland Conference 2017, visit

New at Heartland: VGM Live Talks!

At VGM, we understand the complexities of operating your business. The regulatory environment, HR, product and inventory oversight, marketing - not to mention taking care of customers - you have a lot on your plate to be an expert at it all.

VGM Live Talks during this year’s Heartland Conference are brief presentations that aim to introduce ways you can maximize your VGM membership to capitalize on all of the services and savings that are available. So hang on, your membership journey is about to begin.

Click here to learn more.     

One of a Kind

Heartland Conference is a one-of-a-kind learning experience at an all-inclusive price of $425 per attendee, unless, of course, you sign up three or more people, then the price drops to $375 per attendee. We’ll even GUARANTEE you’ll be 100 percent satisfied with your experience, or we will refund your registration fee.

For all the details about this year’s conference, including pricing and registration, please visit the Heartland Conference 2017 website. And, please check back to this blog post each week through June 7 as we take a closer look at Heartland Conference 2017.

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