Your Online Reputation Matters – The Why and How of Managing It Appropriately

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According to a 2015 poll conducted by search marketing firm BrightLocal, 68 percent of U.S. internet users trust businesses more when those businesses have positive reviews. Online reviews have become a trusted resource for those going online to research products, services and businesses.

BrightLocal’s poll also revealed that good reviews have the ability to influence behavior; for example, 80 percent of U.S. internet users who read a positive review of a company will then act to get in touch with that company by visiting its website, calling or visiting its business.

These statistics indicate positive online reviews not only promote your business’s credibility, but they can also drive customers to act. Therefore, it is crucial to set up profiles on the most popular online directories and maintain them, but these online directories aren’t automatically yours.

Confirming and Maintaining Online Directories

You must take the time to confirm the account is yours, complete the account by updating your company information, services, photos and locations, and manage these accounts for Google My Business,, Yelp and other top directories. Confirming an account is yours is most commonly done through phone or postcard verification. 

Next, you’ll need to devote time for ongoing management of these accounts to respond to reviews. After all, how can you act if you don’t know what’s being said? It’s better to know than to be oblivious. 

“But what if we get a negative review?” you may ask. Negative reviews allow you to showcase your commitment to great customer service. Every HME business hangs its hat on customer service, making negative reviews an opportunity to shine.

On the flip side, you can use positive reviews as a selling point. Customers have more options than ever when it comes to choosing an HME provider or where to get their medical equipment. Positive reviews, if used properly, will show prospects on the fence why working with your HME business is the right choice. 

Reputation Management Solution

While managing your reputation online is vital, it is also time-consuming and requires vigilance.  However, when done well, both good and bad reviews can be used to demonstrate the quality of your HME business. To help you maintain a great reputation online, VGM Forbin has developed a reputation management service.

Learn more about VGM Forbin’s reputation management solution here, and reach out to VGM Forbin with any questions you have on managing your reputation online by calling 877-814-7485!