From Our Friends at Convexity Scientific: Meet Flyp – The Nebulizer Reinvented

Published in Respiratory & Sleep on September 24, 2018

Delivery Made Simple: The Opportunity for a Novel Nebulizer Design to Improve Adherence

Like so many innovations in health care—Flyp™ started with a physician, an idea to improve patient care, and a pen. Flyp Nebulizer was designed by Dr. Ralph Finger, founder and president of Convexity Scientific, with your patients in mind and the goal of helping them live fuller and healthier lives by reducing the impairments of uncontrolled asthma. 

Twenty-seven million Americans live with asthma, nearly 25 percent of whom self-report their condition as uncontrolled. The avoidable costs of the condition exceed $80 billion – driven in part by 1.7 million emergency department visits and 440,000 overnight stays annually. Beyond the economic burden, the impact on the quality of life of those suffering is incalculable. Nearly 60 percent of adults surveyed with current active asthma reported activity limitations. 

A 2011 study demonstrated that device misuse was associated with an increased risk of hospitalization, emergency department visits, and poor disease control. Similarly, Loh and colleagues showed that suboptimal peak inspiratory flow (the measure of a patient's inspiratory effort), which is associated with the misuse of dry powder inhalers, increased the risk for hospital readmissions. 

Underlining the importance of device selection, a recent study in the Journal of the COPD Foundation shows that 82 percent of patients using nebulizers are “very confident about medication delivery” compared to those who use dry powder inhalers (51 percent), metered dose inhalers (57 percent), or soft mist inhalers (62 percent). In addition, patients who used nebulizers were most confident that they were using their devices correctly.

The simple “Fill, Click, Breathe” operation of Flyp Nebulizer and the device’s ability to aerosolize a wide range of medications may help to remove some of the complexities that negatively impact compliance to treatment regimens. Flyp is the first all-in-one, truly pocket-portable nebulizer and is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 10 treatments per charge. A micro-USB port makes recharging seamless and portable. Engineered with quality and performance goals at the top of the list, Flyp achieves approximately 90 percent of aerosol particles in the respirable range and outperforms the delivery of traditional nebulizers, metered dose inhalers, and dry powder inhalers.

Idea In Brief:

“Asthma can be the ball and chain that restricts your patients’ participation in normal daily activities that non-sufferers take for granted. Flyp Nebulizer allows discrete, efficient delivery of asthma medications when your patients need it, wherever they may be.” - Ralph Finger, MD

An Exciting NEW Cash Offering for HME/DME Providers

The respiratory market is massive – with tens of millions of patients in need of solutions to manage their chronic conditions. Unfortunately, the nebulizer segment of that market has, in large part, lacked meaningful innovation over the past 20 years. Flyp Nebulizer looks to change that, offering a pocket-portable design, full-size performance, and an attractive retail offering, backed by a strong and rapidly growing consumer brand. Launched nationally in July 2018, Flyp Nebulizer is now offered in nearly 500 locations nationally. 

As a VGM member, you have exclusive access to discounted wholesale prices through our network of distributors.

We’ll be at Medtrade and look forward to meeting with so many of the industry’s leading minds and voices. Come by booth #2225 and meet the team and the product – I’m sure you’ll be happy you did. 

For any order inquiries, please email Jenna Bulmahn at [email protected]

To watch video of the Flyp Nebulizer in action, please click on the arrow below.

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