VGM Fulfillment Opens Distribution Center in Nashville, Supports Resupply Mailer Program

Published in Member Communities on August 31, 2018

By Mike McGill, VGM Marketing

As the end of quarter three approaches, the team at VGM Fulfillment has been busy preparing for the launch of two progressive endeavors.

Beginning Sept. 4, VGM Fulfillment expanded its footprint with the opening of a resupply distribution center in Nashville, Tenn. The 40,000 square-foot warehouse is virtually a turnkey operation and is staffed with 22 employees familiar with CPAP resupply.

“This is an exciting opportunity for VGM to expand our footprint,” said Jeremy Stolz, president of VGM Fulfillment. “The facility is very similar to our operations in Waterloo, Iowa. We’re integrating our technology to streamline the production capabilities at the warehouse while welcoming 22 new associates to the VGM family.”

According to Stolz, VGM Fulfillment’s existing CPAP resupply program, which packs and ships more than two million orders annually, coupled with the recent launch of its compression stocking resupply program, are key factors in the decision to expand south and east.

man packing box
Packed CPAP resupplies go through postage prior to being shipped out of VGM Fulfillment’s Waterloo, Iowa, warehouse. 

“Expanding our operations to a logistics hub like Nashville allows us to route some of our resupply order volume to the new facility – ensuring that patients located in the southern and eastern United States will receive their orders even quicker, resulting in greater patient satisfaction,” stated Stolz. “We’ve experienced tremendous growth year over year. This expansion will allow us to ship more packages per day, all while improving transit times.”

The expansion supports VGM Fulfillment’s aggressive growth. Moreover, looking ahead to quarter four, the addition of the Nashville warehouse will help support the influx of orders received through VGM’s CPAP resupply mailer program.

The program is in collaboration with VGM’s printing company, Strategic Imaging, and offers members a hands-off marketing tool to remind patients that with the year winding down, deductibles may be fulfilled, and insurance will pay for CPAP resupplies.

Participating members provide Strategic Imaging with a mailing list, and from there a mailer with the provider’s company logo and information is printed and mailed to their CPAP customers.

mailers“Send VGM your file and let them do the rest,” stated Andrew Trammell, president of Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment, Inc. “They started the first wave of mailings for us at the beginning of our fourth quarter in 2017 and continued weekly through November. Our fourth quarter earnings were up 37% from the previous quarter.”

Although using VGM Fulfillment is not required to participate in the resupply mailer program, members that use its services will experience a truly hands-off experience without having to increase staff or inventory to support the increased orders.

“Orders are received electronically and shipped within one business day,” mentioned Stolz. “Members save money on labor, warehouse space, and inventory and are billed their customary pricing by the manufacturer.”

VGM members interested in participating can complete the form or call 888-852-3731.

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