Why Choose a Next Generation Firewall

Published in Member Communities on October 08, 2018

While your business goes about its day to day operations, cybercriminals are inconspicuously attacking your technology systems and threatening the well-being of your company.  Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and with that is a growing concern to business owners about how to strengthen their defense systems. So what can you do? Our expert security team VGM Secure Tech Solutions recommends investing in a Next Generation Firewall as your first step in a robust protection system.

What is an NGFW and How Do I Know If I Have It?

Simply put, a Next Generation Firewall or NGFW is an advanced third generation of firewall technology. It is more advanced than previous firewalls in that it is able to read the contents of each data packet, as opposed to older firewalls that only look for more generalized information such as where the packet originated. For example, an NGFW can scan through an email, looking for specific threats in each data packet, even if it was from a legitimate source.

You can know if you have an NGFW if it was installed in the last 3 years and if it has a monthly or annual fee to pay for updates. If you don’t have one, now is the time to counter sophisticated attacks with a sophisticated defense. Here’s why:

  1. Increased Speed

    This is a benefit that may surprise you. Advanced firewalls, like NGFW, can handle high volumes of traffic efficiently, without compromising security. You shouldn’t have to worry about decreased productivity because of your investment in security.

  2. Multi-Purpose Protection

    NGFWs have many protection features. These can include antivirus and malware that are updated as the threats change. They have integrated detection systems that strategically detect new threats based on heavy analysis or suspicious activity. NGFWs are able to filter and understand exactly what is being received by filtering through every data packet. For example, users would be able to access safe parts of a website but would be blocked from suspicious packets of a website. Traditional firewalls would have blocked the entire site.

  3. Granular Control & Flexibility

    Increased security doesn’t mean giving up control. With advanced firewalls, you are able to have flexibility and control over every point of access. You can pick which functions of applications or sites your employees have access to. You are able to personalize security to meet your business needs. If you feel the need to block permissions to certain people within your organization, you are able to do so discreetly and quickly.

  4. Minimized Space

    With older technologies, more functionality usually required more devices. For every threat that would come through, another security device would need to be added. Yet with all of these devices, you still couldn’t be sure you would be deflecting every threat.

By updating to a modern firewall like NGFW, you will need less hardware. Updates can be done to the infrastructure you already have. NGFWs can provide a multitude of functionalities on one device such as antivirus, spam filtering, application control and deep-packet inspections.

Keep your data and your business secure. Let our experts help you determine which technology solutions best meet your organization's needs today and into the future with a Next Generation Firewall.

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