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New exclusive SleepWeaver® VGM DEALER PACK. This dealer pack includes EVERYTHING you need to start selling the SleepWeaver soft cloth CPAP mask:

  • Two of each SleepWeaver nasal mask:
  • 2 Advance nasal masks, one size fits most (one blue and one beige)
  • 2 Advance Small
  • 2 Élan starter kits
  • 2 3D nasal masks (one regular and one large)

SleepWeaver 3D

  • Three Full Face SleepWeaver Mask
  • 3 Anew™ masks (one small, one regular, and one large)
  • 6 Feather Weight Tubes® (Free)
  • 6 hose clips (Free)
  • One ADVANCE and one ELAN cardboard showroom display
  • 10 SleepWeaver product brochures with universal sizing guide
  • 2 product pages for each SleepWeaver CPAP mask

Full Face SleepWeaver Mask

Circadiance develops, manufactures and markets respiratory products for people with sleep-disordered breathing, who need non-invasive ventilation or who require monitoring.

*   Circadiance is a pioneer in respiratory therapy specializing in positive airway pressure SleepWeaver Soft Cloth PAP Masks, SmartMonitor 2 infant apnea monitoring and SynergyE event software with infant wave form analysis.
*   Our clinically proven, innovative solutions address patients ranging from premature newborns to frail elderly.
*   Circadiance products deliver superior patient comfort and effectiveness in the acute care and home care settings, ultimately resulting in reduced cost of care and improved outcomes.

Product overview
Circadiance is a pioneer in respiratory therapy medical devices specializing in positive airway pressure, noninvasive ventilation and apnea monitoring. Our clinically proven, innovative solutions address patients ranging from premature newborns, pediatrics, children to adults. Circadiance’s brands include the following:
SmartMonitor® – Infant Apnea Monitors
SleepWeaver® – Soft Cloth CPAP Masks

Member benefit statement:  Circadiance offers VGM members an average discounted price of 15% off of list price on an array of products.

Terms: 2%10,Net 30 Pending Credit Approval

Freight:  Varies Based Product Mix (Accepts Third Party Freight Numbers)

Minimum:  No Minimum Order Size

Conditions: Orders typically shipped within one business day.

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Corporate Information

1300 Rodi Road
Turtle Creek, PA 15145
Fax: 412-202-4583

Last Updated: 6/20/2019

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