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ProCircular is a cybersecurity and privacy firm offering a full suite of customized products and services to better protect an organizations’ brand, growth, and customer data.

Protecting sensitive data is vital, and a breach can have dire consequences.

We help to educate organizations and their people about security, prepare them for future challenges, and develop a program to protect their information and privacy so they can continue to be successful.

An organization’s data is likely living in a host of places, few of which are readily known. It’s in the cloud, on the network, on mobile devices, and potentially in the hands of others. We help find it all, sort out what’s important, and keep it safe in this ever-changing world of cyber threats.

Using a customer-specific approach, ProCircular conducts an initial security assessment. We then use those findings to develop a customized and sustainable security program to protect the organization and its customers. With diverse backgrounds in finance, insurance, healthcare, high-tech manufacturing, academia, and education, our expert team examines an organization from all angles and designs a plan that is just right.

Proficient in corporate security strategy, security program design and implementation, technical evaluation and security engineering, and mergers and acquisitions support, ProCircular offers the expertise necessary to secure an organization with confidence. 

Product overview: 

Introductory Cybersecurity Subscription (Tier 1) –
(Two) Automated Vulnerability Assessments
Risk & Compliance Questions

Basic Cybersecurity Subscription (Tier 2) –
Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments
Self-Risk & Compliance Assessment

Managed Cybersecurity Subscription (Tier 3) –
Full Risk & Compliance Assessment
Quarterly Vulnerability Assessment
24/7 Wired and Wireless Threat Detection
Incident Response Package
Employee Education & Anti-Phishing Subscription

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Last Updated: 12/7/2017

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