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About is a merchant advocate, and finds the best solution at the best pricing for that unique business set-up. Every-time. Guaranteed. What Progressive is to insurance, and what Kayak is to travel, SwipeSum is to credit card processing.

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General Questions:
Is there a fee?
SwipeSum gives you the biggest gift at no charge. All merchants will find their lowest rates and best solution for free. If you choose to become a Plus Member, you will receive a personal Account Manager for continued support, cost-savings, and help resolving pain points.

Is there a cancellation policy?
Cancel at any time - no questions asked.

Do I need to enter credit card information to find a provider?

Will any of my information be shared without my consent?

Great Rates
When credit card processors compete for your business, you win. Our technology will create a bidding war over your account giving you the best rates available.

Holistic Solutions
No matter how simple or complex you accept payments, we will make sure to curate providers that integrate into your processes.

More Profit
Whether you become a member or not, you will leave with the best rate and solution for your business. For only $15 per month we will continually find you cost savings and resolve any issues you may have.
We have put $2,316,651.60 back into business owners' bank accounts.
Saving them $7,848.00on average.
When processors compete, you win.

I often get asked, "Why did you start SwipeSum?"
It’s simple. Merchants of all sizes are exhausted with the high rates associated with credit card processing and there hasn’t been an easy solution to find a better alternative. Contracts are confusing, pricing always changes, solutions are inadequate, and service is sub-par. Not anymore - we solved that!

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Last Updated: 11/19/2018

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