VGM Security Solutions encompasses an assortment of services to protect your business and patients’ information from cybersecurity threats. Our dedicated network of experts will work to help protect your computer systems from hackers, protect your company’s data, implement new protection protocols and determine which threat mitigation policies to put in place.111

Invasion Prevention

No matter how big or small your company is, threats to your business's cybersecurity are real. Border Patrol, a network security and compliance solution, can help protect your business against the newest, most sophisticated attacks with a unified threat management (UTM) device that combines all of today’s necessary defenses in a single, easy-to-use and cost-effective system.

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Protect Your Business

The cost of a data breach increased 23% in 2015 and impacted affected organizations an average of $3.8M. Healthcare data breaches are the most expensive, with an average cost of $363 per record.

Are you protected? Can you afford not to be?

VGM Insurance Services offers comprehensive Cyber Liability coverage designed to protect your business from data breaches. This includes any situation where your customers’ personal information, such as social security numbers, personal health information or credit card information, is exposed or stolen from your electronic network.

Our Cyber Liability insurance policies provide coverage for:

  • Data privacy and network security liability
  • E-media liability, including copyright/trademark infringement, defamation, invasion of privacy
  • Expense coverages, including notification, credit card monitoring, crises management, investigation
  • Business interruption
  • Cyber extortion

We offer limits up to $5 million.

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*Based on 2104 industry averages


Hackers don’t hack systems. Hackers hack people!

Hackers know that the weakest link in any data and network environment is the person at the computer. By clicking on an attachment to a malicious email, your employees can inadvertently open your business up to a significant financial loss.

VGM Secure, offered by VGM Education, enables you to strengthen your network security by training your employees to be another line of defense. Patient records are highly sought after. Penalties and fees can range into the thousands ‘per record’. Protect your business with VGM Secure.

VGM Secure is a cost-effective solution to guard against cyberthreats. It consists of a series of animated videos developed to increase your employees’ awareness of cybersecurity risks, helping to protect your network against hacking attacks.

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Test Your System

Dell Secure Works Penetration Test

Simulate a real-world attack scenario. Dell will perform the test externally using multiple methods with the goal of finding at least one vulnerability that would allow us to gain access to the organization’s network. 

This includes tests ranging from attempted exploits of service-level vulnerabilities to specifically targeting the organization’s endpoints with various forms of client-side attacks. 

Comprehensive reports, provided at the completion of the assessment, include severity levels, vulnerabilities by class, impact on business and resolution. Trend analysis is also available for recurring assessments.

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